Creativity, adaptability and cooperation are genuinely human traits. Zallpy encourages these outlooks, pairing them with modern methodologies to scale the results produced through our talents. Appreciating human beings, with freedom, respect and the liberty to question, dare, make a mistake or get it right, is all part of our culture of innovation.

Human Centered

Technology is our specialty. But people are what make us different. After all, even the most autonomous system is made by people for people. That’s why we encourage multidisciplinarity among our teams, which are agile and collaborative, rapidly adapting to new challenges and constantly leveraging an innovative environment.

Governance and Compliance

We live within a global market and there are no borders to opportunities. Your business partners may be in the office next door or on the other side of the world. As such, we comply with the highest standards in international compliance and are qualified to develop cutting-edge technology for some of the most renowned and demanding multinationals in the world. Whether in Brazil, France, Germany or the USA, Zallpy is synonymous with quality and trust.

Startup Thinking

Innovation cannot exist without the liberty to try, test and fail. We believe that mistakes are part of finally getting it right. The logic is simple: the sooner you try, the sooner you identify the difficulties and the sooner you learn to overcome them. Kindling the flame of curiosity, the inquisitive mind and the courage to experiment are basic premises of the creative process.

Scalable Delivery Mindset

The size of your company project really doesn’t matter, as we are constantly cultivating big ideas. We employ agile processes and methodologies to build teams tailored to the most complex challenges, exponentially scaling the delivery of technology for your business. We are a specialized strategic partner that generates value and accelerates results.

Social Awareness

To us, the future isn’t about what lies ahead. It is all about what we are building now. For this reason, we are actively involved in our host communities, participating in social projects that create opportunities and transform lives. We believe that assuming our responsibility for the future of the world is as important as creating solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Zallpy, we value diversity, equity and inclusion, and invest so that our workplace is conducive to professional and personal growth for everyone. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion community meet regularly and debate issues of gender, race, disability, and LGBTQIAP+. Here we believe that building a culture of diversity is essential to overcome the challenges in the technology area. Through diversity, we will go further!



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