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Zallpy and BMW:

Data Expertise Creating Greater Business Value.

The Challenge

BMW's Medium Size Markets hub, responsible for data projects in Latin America and Canada, faced the challenge of structuring a data management and reporting architecture to increase value generation for business areas through precise market and customer information. Customizing technology to meet these specific needs was essential, alongside adherence to BMW's global guidelines.

The Solution

Zallpy engaged in a collaborative approach, fully aligned with the client's teams, to conduct an interactive diagnostic and development process. This approach focused on BMW's business pain points and data journey. Rather than just delivering what was requested, Zallpy delved deeper into understanding the challenge to offer solutions that truly added value to the business. This involved creating multidisciplinary data squads aimed at triaging, prioritizing, and delivering ongoing demands for business areas, with each project phase validated by these teams. All developed solutions adhered to BMW's global architectural standards and integrated with cloud services like AWS and data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Immersion and ASSESSMENTProblem
Creation of collaborative squads
Architecture StandardsBMW Global
Zallpy e BMW - O Resultado

The Results

The implementation of these solutions yielded numerous benefits for BMW. The IT area of Medium Size Markets evolved into a strategic hub of excellence, capable of developing cutting-edge technologies and facilitating high-quality, data-driven initiatives. Business areas began receiving customized reports and dashboards, enhancing their understanding and interpretation of data. Additionally, using methodologies and standards from BMW's global operations, the company achieved complete autonomy in data governance and management, independent of any external partners, including Zallpy.

Business Generation Data-Driven
Customized Deliveries and Dashboards
Complete Client Autonomyin Data Management



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