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Unicred and
Zallpy Academy:

Crafting Tech Talent
for Business Transformation.

The Challenge

Unicred, one of Brazil’s premier credit cooperatives, needed to build a technology team amid a talent shortage. The goal was to find professionals who were not only adept in tech skills but also in sync with the company's culture and mission. Zallpy was tasked to design a bespoke selection and training pathway for Unicred that would also contribute to community development by empowering young tech talent.

The Solution

Zallpy Academy's training program was tailored specifically for Unicred, focusing on a blend of technical proficiency and soft skills development. The intent was to nurture mobile developers who were team-oriented and culturally attuned to Unicred's values. The initiative was modeled on Zallpy's internal success in developing over 20% of its workforce, aiming to create highly skilled technical teams with a strong business commitment, thus minimizing turnover. The curriculum was delivered in four phases, amassing 500 hours of instruction over 84 business days.

4 PHASESTraining Program in
500 HOURSOf instruction
84Business days

The Result

The program yielded 14 well-qualified graduates, all achieving scores over 80%, with half of them earning top marks. Seven talents were onboarded by Unicred, while the rest joined Zallpy's outsourcing team assigned to the cooperative. The capstone project was the development of a comprehensive app with task management, authentication, and planning capabilities.

Within two months, these recruits were actively contributing to Unicred’s projects, with their performance and investment return being rigorously evaluated through analytical reports. This strategic educational endeavor enhanced Unicred’s technological workforce, embedding a group of professionals who were technically proficient and culturally aligned with the cooperative’s ethos.

Unicred - Zallpy Academy - O Resultado
14 studentsTrained and Hired
score 8Average
3 monthsOnboarding to Company team within



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