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How Zallpy helped to make the products and services of Unicred available to 250,000 clients.

The Challenge

Place Unicred's products and services in the palm of its 250,000 members.

Unicred is a nationwide system of 34 credit cooperatives composed of more than 250 thousand cooperative members, including individuals and legal entities, with R$13 billion administered.

Increasingly, the financial market and people's lives are driven by innovation and mobility, requiring the constant development of digital products and services.

But how to guarantee the delivery of high quality and reliable solutions to a cooperative that does not have technology in its core business?

Unicred - O Desafio

The Solution

Unicred - A Solução

In-house outsourcing: we took Zallpy inside Unicred.

Through a partnership with Unicred, Zallpy assumed a strategic role in the structuring of highly engaged technology teams who understood the cooperative's purpose and DNA.

Operating via an in-house model, today Zallpers are present in all Unicred Brazil product teams, developing agile technological solutions with high added value.

Through a rigorous selection, training, and monitoring process, Zallpy is able to offer professionals with both technical excellence and a deep understanding of the business.

The Result

Expertise, agility, and economy in the delivery of digital solutions.

Business is done by people. And when it comes to technology, human material can be the most important, expensive, and scarce resource.

Through its partnership with Zallpy, Unicred was able to optimize its investments and maximize the quality of digital deliveries, increasing its speed in structuring teams and developing agile solutions.

By forming teams that are highly engaged and committed to the client's business, Zallpy's strategic outsourcing to Unicred goes further than just technical delivery.

Unicred - O Resultado



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