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TK Elevator

Revamping systems with a digital growth-oriented approach to restructuring.

TKE - O Desafio

The Challenge

Restructure the systems that move the company that moves the world.

Present in more than 100 countries, TK Elevator is a world reference in elevators, escalators, moving walkways and mobility solutions for airports. With more than 50,000 employees and sales of over 8 billion euros, the company is recognized for its innovation, technology, safety, and comfort. However, as they use equipment with a long service life, developed with technologies over different generations, TKE needed a partner to support the integration, maintenance, and support of these systems.

The Solution

At Zallpy, development is integral.

Since 2010, Zallpy has supported TK Elevator's front and back-office systems , including its legacy systems, which are still the core business of the operation.

By integrating innovative solutions and consolidated technologies, it was possible to build large systems with a secure and centralized database, allowing all users to work with current real time information.

For this to be achieved, it was necessary to introduce a culture of continuous evolution, agile teams, and methodologies, in addition to a deep knowledge of the business. Differentials that are built into Zallpy's DNA.

The Result

Digital processes, real-time information:

Digital processes, real-time information:
the future of TKE is supported by Zallpy.

The suitability of the processes, the updating and integration of the systems led to a significant improvement in the user experience, both customer and collaborator. Now a fully digital, secure, and unified experience; supporting business needs in an increasingly competitive, dynamic, and constantly moving market.



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