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Revolutionizing Financial Operations:
Sicredi's Leap Forward with Cutting-Edge Automation

The Challenge

Sicredi, a premier Brazilian bank, grappled with inefficiencies in its regional credit operations. Boasting a vast network of members and branches, there was a pressing need to modernize its credit analysis and approval workflows, which were labor-intensive and manually driven, causing excessive workloads and high staff turnover. Streamlining these processes was crucial for scaling up, in a global landscape featuring $ 56 billion in assets and $ 1 billion in net equity as of 2022.


The Solution

Zallpy, a frontrunner in tech innovation, emerged as the strategic partner of choice to engineer a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for Sicredi. The initiative was aimed at revamping credit operations, spanning the gamut from loan approvals to consortium bid management. The solution demanded a thorough dissection of Sicredi's workflows, masterfully implemented using cutting-edge tools like UiPath and MongoDB. The overhaul also included significant upgrades to Sicredi's IT infrastructure, reinforced by dedicated servers to bolster automation capabilities.

The Result

The implementation of Zallpy's RPA solution marked a significant transformation in Sicredi's credit approval processes. This led to a dramatic cutback in processing times, skyrocketing productivity, eradicating bottlenecks, and amplifying customer satisfaction. Sicredi's team pivoted towards more strategic, value-added activities, leveraging the newfound operational efficiency. These enhancements played a pivotal role in fueling the cooperative's sustained growth, aligned with its mission of driving community development.

Drastic Reduction in Processing Times:Streamlined and efficient credit management workflows.
Boost in Customer Satisfaction and Minimized Delays:Upgraded operational efficiency and enriched customer interactions.
Strategic Realignment of Teams:Transition to tasks of greater strategic importance.



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