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My BMW App

Technology that moves forward.

The Challenge

BMW needs no introduction. The German company is one of the largest manufacturers of premium automobiles and motorcycles in the world, owner of the Mini, Rolls-Royce and BMW brands. There have more than 30 factories and 116,000 employees in 14 countries.

Recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the automotive industry BMW Group Brazil hired Zallpy in 2020 to develop mobile solutions and add new features to the My BMW App and Mini App applications.

The Challenge

The Solution

Innovation and customer focus: the fuel that drives us.

With highly engaged teams and modern agile development methodologies, we started a collaborative process focused on delivering value to the end customer.

The solutions developed by Zallpers added a series of remote resources to vehicles. Moreover, they supported the deployment of apps in several markets around the world, such as Canada and France.

My BMW App - A Solução

Some of the features developed:

Roadside Assistance

assistance that shares the customer's location and tracks the arrival of help in real time.


Active recall notifications sent to the app, making it possible to schedule the service at the dealership.

Service Alerts

Vehicle maintenance alerts sent to the app, allowing service scheduling.

Fuel Prices

A feature that notifies you of fuel prices at the nearest gas stations or along the route in progress.

OAS Vendor’s Dashboard

Dashboard for monitoring service schedules via app, email, and website, providing an overview of all stages along the flow.

The Result

Demanding public + Engaged team =

5-star app

Today, the My BMW and Mini App applications have top marks on the app stores and have more than 12 million active users in 46 countries on 5 continents.

Every day, new users around the world download apps and use innovative solutions created by Zallpy's agile development teams.



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