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How Zallpy contributed to achieving over 15,000 simultaneous hirings.

The challenge

Enable the simultaneous admission of almost 15 thousand employees.

ADP is a global leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll solutions with revenues of over US$11 billion and 620,000 client companies. Since 2011, Zallpy has been working on B2B and B2B2B models for ADP in Brazil, creating solutions for its products and customers.

Recently, a client running the ADP eXpert HR management product requested support for a challenging need: the immediate hiring of 15,000 employees, to be done while respecting the complex Brazilian labour bureaucracy and automatically integrating admissions into the eXpert database.

ADP - O Desafio
ADP - A Solução

The solution

Digital Onboarding: technology that connects companies and employees.

ADP looked to Zallpy for its speed and effectiveness as a supplier that understands the needs of the business and has an excellent understanding of the existing landscape and architecture.

With the application of Node/React, Progress, MongoDB and AWS technologies, the solution was built in five major complementary steps, with feature releases and immediate availability for customer use.

Developed features:

Digital Onboarding

The candidates enter their data and documents for the induction process, which is then forwarded for approval and finalization.

Digital Record Keeping

An area where all attachments submitted by the candidate are organized and archived.

Benefits Administration

Functionality that allows auditing benefits enrolment and terms of Digital Admission.


As soon as all attachments are included, the files are available to the customer in Document Management.

The result

Greater agility, ease, and scalability for admissions.

The solution developed and delivered by Zallpy, allowed ADP to make the Digital Admission option available to all eXpert package customers.

The new process streamlines admissions and drastically reduces the end-to-end time; from submitting documents to registering in the HR and payroll system.

Though time savings, companies now have considerably more agility and ease to hire on a large scale.

ADP - O Resultado



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