For the Zallpy Group, responsibility comes first. We periodically revise the market’s practices, methodologies and certifications to assure quality in the delivery process of every product or service. We also pay close attention to the best practices and methodologies in the market in order to offer excellence to our clients and collaborators.

Porto Alegre/RS

Main Office

Av. Farrapos, 3857 • Floresta - 4º Distrito


Innovation Center

Rodovia SC 401, Km 4 • ACATE Primavera


Products & Agrobusiness

Av. Tiaraju, 1406 - PAMPATEC

Know our companies

Zallpy focuses on the supply of software and services applications – Software Factory, Test Factory, Cloud Development, Mobile Development, and Agile Consulting & Training.

Fynder, a DELL Partner Direct Premier, has over 10-year expertise in infrastructure solutions for Networking & Security, Storage, Enterprise Servers, and Computer Clients.

Avupy is a startup incubated at Zallpy Group. This platform was developed to manage complex businesses in a centralized and easy manner. We have connected our solution to drones, telemetric equipment, sensors, cameras, and other devices, and, using the geoprocessing concept, we have extracted important information to facilitate decision making.

IT services is what we provide. As we understand the complexity, risks, and benefits involved in delivering technology services, we work collaboratively with companies to increase operations and interfere whenever they require specific knowledge about the adopted technologies in their environment, allowing organizations to keep the focus on their strategic operations.

ZALLPY GROUP Innovation Center

Zallpy has chosen the Centro de Inovação ACATE to share knowledge, promote business, and Exchange experiences among technology companies in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The main technology enterprises in the city of Florianópolis are concentrated in the city center, in the north end of the island.

The site is favorable to the development of mobility and innovation projects, which are among Zallpy’s expansion targets. Our aim is to keep being the market benchmark in the use of disruptive technologies and establish connections with strategy design to support the ecosystem around local startups. The Innovation Center, both as a reference and a lab for new technologies and creative processes, will also support the development of Zallpy products.